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Access Control Technologies

Access control refers to the selective regulation of access to an area or resource. Computer and cloud-based access control systems from MCA manage who or what is permitted entry to or exit from doors, parking areas, elevators, and other secure areas via cards, keypads, biometric analysis, and voice. Access control systems identify, authenticate, and authorize users and entities by assessing required credentials at points of entry. Additionally, MCA’s systems provide sophisticated reports and tracking history. With the ability to monitor alarms and control video surveillance cameras and intercoms, our access control technologies can be easily integrated into Photo ID and Visitor Management systems.

MCA strategic access control system security solutions allow you to individually confirm and authorize staff visitors, or anyone else attempting to enter different areas of your facility. We can support any legacy access control system and Mercury hardware. Our technicians are trained and certified on numerous access control systems and have solutions appropriate for businesses of any size or complexity.


  • Integrated Photo ID system with video verification
  • Programmable access rules by threat level
  • Employee accountability and time tracking
  • Secure restricted areas for access only by authorized persons
  • Ability to lock down a building, or portions of a building, in the event of a threat from a remote location
  • Ease of expandability
  • System can be operated remotely, centrally, or locally
  • Panic button that notifies security of any incident


  • Restrict unauthorized access
  • Secure your environment
  • Eliminate keys
  • Minimize long-term costs
  • Improve emergency response times
  • Discourage misbehavior and dishonesty
  • Reduce fraud
Key Cards Access Control Systems

Visitor Management

Monitor visitors in your facility with keycard readers or badge access control systems. Our access control card readers offer historical records of visitor activity in your facility.

Biometrics Access Control Systems

Biometric Security Access Control

MCA’s multimodal biometric identification devices recognize fingerprints, irises, faces, and other biometric indicators to create a personalized access control system that eliminates the need of keys, keycards, and badges.

Cloud Based Access Control Systems

Cloud-Based Software for Access Control

Cloud or IP-based access control involves the smart regulation of entry to and exit from areas in your facility via an electronic controller or remote command center.

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