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Intrusion Detection Systems

MCA offers a wide variety of intrusion detection systems for every business environment and for enterprises of all sizes and budgets. Intruder alarm systems detect any unauthorized entry into a building or area, sending a signal to central security stations and other designated personnel. MCA’s intrusion detection can include motion sensors, glassbreak detection, and shock detection, which are an integral part of any enterprise security system. Our alarms can be fully integrated with your entire security apparatus, such as cameras, in order to provide real-time updates on incidents occurring in your building in the event of an intrusion. MCA has a staff trained and certified on the design, installation, and monitoring of numerous Intrusion Detection Systems with solutions appropriate for businesses of various size and complexity. Additionally, we can install and maintain any legacy intruder alarm system.


  • Monitoring provided by a UL-listed central monitoring station
  • Available cell phone backup monitoring
  • Wireless key fob entry system for buildings 
  • Graphic and voice keypads with a message center
  • Advanced paging feature that notifies user when an alarm has been deactivated
  • Customizable zones that allow for special protection in sensitive areas
  • Single button operation
Video Surveillance in Alarm Systems

Alarm Monitoring Services

While most security integrators rely on their suppliers for technical support, MCA has our own staff of internal technical support experts to provide a higher level of service to our clients. We will not only design and install intruder alarms for your business, but provide 24/7 monitoring and detection as well.

Access Control Alarm Systems

Security Alarm Systems

At MCA, we strive to offer the latest in intelligent intrusion detection from glassbreak detectors to motion sensors. Importantly, we also want to ensure that your enterprise’s security ecosystem is well-integrated. In designing your alarm system, our engineers utilize AutoCAD software to precisely lay out the required wiring and control panel placement for your alarm system.

UL 2050 Certified SCIF

Hiring a certified UL 2050 security integrator such as MCA guarantees that your alarm services and systems are compliant with the standards set by the Department of Defense (DoD). Operating in a Closed Room or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) according to DoD guidelines requires that you employ a UL-certified security firm for installation.

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