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Cellular Coverage and Capacity Solutions

With the recent introduction of 5G networks, many businesses, organizations, and public venues will need to provide, upgrade and expand their cellular coverage and capacity. Mobile Communications America (MCA) provides turnkey network solutions for buildings, campuses, and facilities both large and small. MCA has designed and installed more than 3,000 distributed antenna systems (DAS) and distributed small cell networks across the United States.

Cellular Enhancement Stadium Coverage

MCA Expanded Cellular Services

For optimal cellular coverage, bandwidth speed, and capacity inside buildings and across outdoor venues, MCA is the preferred solutions provider. Our services include: Wireless Consulting, RF Benchmark Testing, iBwave Design services, Carrier Coordination, Project Management, Installation, System Commissioning, 24/7 NOC Monitoring, and full Maintenance Services.

Cellular Coverage Solutions by Industry

BDA Stadiums and entertainment

Stadiums & Entertainment

MCA has implemented cellular system boosters across entertainment venues and stadiums, including an NBA arena. At MCA we give event-goers the ultimate Smart Stadium experience with expanded cellular coverage through distributed antennas and small cell networks.

BDA Hospitality Buildings


A well-implemented cellular enhancement solution gives your guests a consistently strong and seamless wireless experience everywhere on your property, while providing your employees the coverage they need as well. MCA has implemented distributed wireless systems in casinos and hotels across the country.

BDA School


Reliable and efficient wireless coverage across university campuses is a must have for both school safety personnel and administrators, as well as first-responders to critical incidents. At MCA, we provide cellular coverage distribution solutions for students, faculty, and staff.

BDA Plane & Public Venue

Public Venues

From corporate office parks to college football stadiums, MCA has worked with hundreds of large public venues to improve the speed and capacity of their cellular networks. Our cellular coverage expansion solutions remedy the problem of poor communication that often results when public venues reach full capacity.

BDA Hospital


Hospitals and healthcare complexes often require expanded cellular coverage for smartphone utilization and critical radio communication. MCA has built and maintained small cell and distributed cellular systems for a number of hospital facilities.

BDA Retail Mall


Many retail organizations from grocery stores to shopping malls benefit from expanded cellular coverage and speed. MCA’s cellular expansion solutions provide a better shopping experience, while also giving security personnel and staff the resources they need.

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