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Utilities Solutions

Maintaining your power grid during inclement weather; protecting your water system from ransomware and cyberattacks; enabling iot automation to increase productivity; communicating across an ever-expanding geographic field of critical infrastructure. MCA understands the problems, as well as the ambitions, that utilities face in the twenty-first century. 

Our utilities solutions unite voice, data, video, and analytics across a fully-integrated communications ecosystem. Designed to improve the safety of critical mission workers in the field and utilities’ infrastructure, drive productivity, and create a seamless interface for visual and audio transmission, MCA provides the key for utilities to reinvent themselves to confront the challenges of tomorrow.


Detection Solutions for Utilities

Detect the threat to your utility’s infrastructure and workers with smart, real-time surveillance

From AI cameras that provide complete visibility across your critical infrastructure to iot device alerts, Avigilon surveillance solutions enable you to respond quickly to potential threats.

Smart cameras from Avigilon come equipped with fisheye views, pan-tilt-zoom functionality, and motion sensors.

Control access to multiple points of entry across a wide geographic range.

Identify persons known and unknown seeking access to your utility’s facility.

Receive instant alerts on any device.

Analytic Solutions for Utilities

Analyze threats and breakdowns in critical infrastructure.

Video Analytics

Appearence & Facial Recognition

Comb through hours of video data to identify a particular person or vehicle of interest.

Software for Video Surveillance

IoT Alerts

Equip your infrastructure with sensors to respond to breakdowns or threats.

Cameras for Video Surveillance

Unusual Activity Detection

Using advanced AI, UAD detects unusual activity from the central command to the perimeters of your utility.

Storage for Video Surveillance

Comprehensive Network Detection

As far as the geographic range of your critical infrastructure goes, Motorola solutions has you covered.

Communications Solutions for Utilities

A Reliable and Efficient Communications Ecosystem

MCA Communication without Boundaries

Communication without Boundaries

With Unified Team Communications one button is all it takes to connect teams across all networks and devices — from two-way radios to smartphones, laptops, tablets and more.

Mobile Communications American Fixed Site Communications

Fixed Site

With high-speed networks and rugged branch and IoT routers we help ensure your fixed facilities and assets communicate mission-critical infrastructure data in real-time in both urban and rural environments under even the harshest of environments and conditions.

Mobile Communications America Vehicle Area Networks

Vehicle Area

The cost effective and operationally efficient deployment of field service teams is made possible by our purpose-built mobile router and antenna kits that provide un-tethered connectivity to devices both inside and outside of vehicles for greater accessibility.

Dispatch Consoles

Dispatch Consoles

Mobile dispatch enables operators to gather and control the flow of information from anywhere in the field. For a scheduled event or an immediate response, dispatch consoles from Motorola Solutions offer reams of data at the touch of a button.


WAVE PTX: Broadband PTT with Multimedia

Wave OnCloud from Motorola integrates the nationwide cellular network to your radio fleet. PTT (Push-to-Talk) technology connects smartphones and radios to make sure your teams will never be out of range.

Private LTE with Motorola Nitro

Greatly exceeding the capacity of current wifi, Nitro™ PLTE is a private platform for the transmission of video, audio, and other sensitive data. For critical missions, your organization can rest assured that their information is completely secure.

Response Solutions for Utilities

When you need to respond in seconds

CommandCentral Aware Enterprise – CommandCentral Aware from Motorola Solutions offers a comprehensive overview, gathering remote intelligence at a single command center to assist critical missions’ teams in the field. Monitor voice, data, and video, so that your analysts can troubleshoot power outages, receive weather reports, and respond to threats.

Incident Reporting  – Motorola Solutions offers customizable incidents reports that can be accessed across your team’s devices.

Critical Connect – Enable interoperable communications between critical mission teams to address hazards to utility infrastructure.

Worforce Efficiency & Productivity Management – Centralize and organize records, and job tickets to make for a more efficient and streamlined workflow. Save money by reducing redundancies, deploying teams where and when they are needed.

Utilities Solutions Two-Way Radios

Utilities Solutions by Case

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Utilities Services

FCC Licensing

Professional Services

MCA offers engineering services, project managers, system managers, and FCC Licensing to provide you with a full-service team for the successful design, deployment, and lifecycle support of your project.

Installation Services

Installation Services

From radio site development, staging and testing, and system development to installing after market and OEM equipment to fleet vehicles MCA has a devoted certified technical staff to meet your needs.

24 hour to support

Solution Support

MCA offers full-service maintenance, repair, and managed solutions services. Our dedicated support staff can manage your custom communication solution allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Equipment Rentals

Rental Services

MCA’s products are now available through our customer friendly short-term and long-term rental program. We offer an easy to use personalized rental service to meet your changing communications needs.

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