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Internet of Things - IOT

The Power to Enhance Productivity. The Insight to Increase Safety.

With organizations facing the impact of aging infrastructure and an unpredictable economic environment, technologies to monitor performance and correct problems instantly have become vital to meeting output expectations and keeping your personnel out of harm’s way. Motorola Solutions’ Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) solutions give your organization the power it needs to be more productive and the insight to help reduce the risk of safety incidents. This helps you better safeguard your personnel and communities, extend the life of your assets and optimize efficiencies across your operations – all with the narrow and broadband communications networks you already have in place.

Smart & Secure Water
and Wastewater Solutions

As data demands continue to grow, you must be able to manage traffic to provide the best experience to the users. We offer a fully managed cloud-based wireless network solution that can empower your existing IT systems or allow you to outsource to MCA in a managed services program.

Mass Notification
and Smart Siren Solution

What can you do today to ensure communities are always informed and safer tomorrow? Imagine being able to provide clear and reliable communication during any emergency situation, from severe weather to accidental man-made events. Our Industrial IoT solutions can help you achieve these goals and a lot more; save time, cut costs, add efficiency, and catch common issues before they become even larger, more expensive problems.

The Digital Oilfield, Covered
from Deck to Shore

Every second counts when averting disaster. A digital oil rig helps drive better and faster decisions that can make all the difference. Efficient wireless voice and data communications help workers offshore and onshore securely reach out and be reached – so emergency calls get to the right person immediately upon recognition of an issue. Take the interactive tour and discover how the Industrial Internet of Things from Motorola Solutions can make all the difference in the moments that matter most.

Motorola Mission Critical IoT

Moto Water IOT
Gas and Oil IOT
Electric Utilities IOT

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