Best 5 Fingerprint Attendance Machine For 2019

Fingerprint Attendance Machine – Businesses are exploring each possible way to grow their earnings and manage their expenses.

A Fingerprint Attendance Machine is a device that’s utilized by all types of companies.

This device offers several advantages to bosses such as observing mobile workers, providing real-time data on which workers are active and who aren’t, and also showing workers who show up late and those approaching overtime.

Below are the Best 5 fingerprint machines.

FingKey Access

Fingerprint Attendance Machine

FingKey Access

This is a waterproof and sturdy gadget that characterizes live finger identification. It’s appropriate for outdoor application and can support water resistant at the measure of IP65.

It’s a swift and cost-effective thumbprint access management gadget, thus providing businesses with extended time and appearance control systems.

The device can provide these services as it characterizes fused monitoring and control of several work stations functioning separately on a remote position, utilizing its LAN transmission base.

It’s agreeable with both remote monitoring and centralized control program. It goes for $450.00.

1. Fingkey Access Plus

Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Fingkey Access Plus

Alongside indoor application, this Fingerprint Attendance Machine is also ideal for outdoor utilization as its body is surrounded with weather resistant cover.

It has a stylish portable outline with an easy to use interface. Its live finger identification characteristics enable it to do swift verification.

Additionally, it has a LAN infrastructure that allows control and observing workers’ attendance and time on several access work stations from a distant position.

The machine has a 500dpi resolution optical sensor with touch keypad provision and keyphone extension. You can get it at $760.00.

2. NAC 5000

Fingerprint Attendance Machine

NAC 5000

The NAC 5000 has an advanced thumbprint detector for access control and biometric appearance system.

It has appealing characteristics such as higher level algorithms, appropriate touch display as well as sizeable LCD.

It’s innovative design, and a high ranking thumbprint algorithm, enables swift authentication, thus making it a global head in access management solutions.

This device has easy to use GUI that allows a simple system’s navigation as well as screen personalization.

It has a memory slot for USB, thus enabling smooth conveyance of data, backup of thumbprint templates, and firmware upgrade. Its price ranges $880.00 – $992.00.

3. NAC 2500 Plus

Fingerprint Attendance Machine

NAC 2500 Plus

This Fingerprint Attendance Machine has superior performance, swift verification, and higher specification.

It’s a cost efficient and dependable thumbprint based access control gadget that provides workers’ management attendance and time in a straightforward way.

The machine can support audio guidance and multi-factor verification. Additionally, it comes with a high-level thumbprint that matches soaring resolution optical detector and engine.

The device also offers centralized control of workstations, end users, and their thumbprint data. Its price ranges $464.00 – $544.00.

4. NAC 5000 FACE

Fingerprint Attendance Machine


This is a superior and newly designed face and thumbprint gadget. This machine is a market head in thumbprint solutions because of its unique outline and high-speed verification abilities.

The device has a 5.7 inch LCD touch display that is very useful in end-user position. Also, the utilization of components like message, graphics, and logos makes its interface look excellent and easy to use.

It has an embedded camera of high resolution for live capturing of images which can be conveyed straight to the server.

It comes with a memory slot of USB for a smooth conveyance of firmware upgrade and captured images. It costs $1,510.00– $1,610.00.


Apart from tracking when a worker is active, a Fingerprint Attendance Machine will assist businesses also to track when a worker is not working.

This means it will enable firms to trail the meal and break times of a worker, thus allowing firms to cut on their work expenses, grow compliance, and boost general management.

How Does Fingerprint Attendance System Work?

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