How Does Fingerprint Attendance System Work?

Fingerprint Attendance System – The biometric technology is widely used in providing accurate identification for a single person especially using their fingerprints.

The law governing the fingerprint attendance system entails clocking in immediately upon arriving and remembering to clock out before leaving.

All negotiations based on this law will follow to the later all regulations customized into the system by the human resource and the person involved may have to face the consequences for failure to adhere to the set rules and regulations.

The most important thing associated with this monitoring system is that accurate attendance reports can be given any time for further actions.

A good biometric system should be in a position to generate accurate and timely reports, provide employee self-service, payroll management, interactive user interface, error handling techniques among other specifications and preferences by the users.

The installation of the fingerprint attendance system mainly involves proper positioning on the biometric terminals, installation of the system in the main server and capturing data from the people intended to access the services of the institution.


Fingerprint Attendance System


This process helps to get user data into the system and uploading it to the terminal in use. The terminal may posses own system or be connected to the system in the main server.

Having all the biometric terminals connected to the system in the main server saves time, the contrary wastes time and resources because data has to be exported and imported using other media either from the terminal or the system used to analyze the data.

The users are enrolled following a different procedure because they will follow different paths in using the system.


Fingerprint Attendance System


This involves personal identification. This is a comparison of the information in the system and the fingerprints captured by the clocking device.

The user confirms that both the information provided is correct and fingerprints captured against the information does not belong to someone else.

This step helps to solve future problems which might cost a lot to the users.

The Optical Scanner

Fingerprint Attendance System

Fingerprint Attendance System

Optical scanners apply the technology of light beams to scan objects and relate them to their accurate information from the system embedded in the scanner or connected to the scanner.

Once the user places his or her thumb on the device screen correctly, the scanner passes light beams to read the fingerprints.

A quick response is provided if the scanned images match the information in the system. Fingerprints from at least two fingers should be used.

The Capacitive Scanner

Fingerprint Attendance System

Fingerprint Attendance

This type of scanner does the same task just like the optical scanner but following a different technology.

It uses an array of capacitive sensors and electric signals to create a digital image of the fingerprints from the thumb placed on the screen.

The scanner then sends the digital image captured to the system for verification and authentication.

The image has to match with details already provided into the system, otherwise, a negative response will be provided.

The Fingerprint Terminal

Fingerprint Attendance System


This is a core component of the fingerprint attendance system. It links the users to the system, either embedded into the terminal or in the main server.

It is used to capture user fingerprints against the information provided in the system.

After the whole process of user enrollment, if completed, the users continually use it to clock in and out every day they are expected in the institution.

The fingerprint attendance system gives a solid solution to human data management and storage. The terminals can be connected to a centrally managed system for companies that don’t have scattered offices.

Companies with scattered offices can still invest in a complex network and have all the terminals operating under one system or decide to have them operating independently.

The application of fingerprint attendance system help organizations to improve their production scales.

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